PussyWoman vs Princess Paradise
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Princess Paradise has tracked down the feline felon PussyWoman at her Arkham Heights cat house apartment. The claws come out and PussyWoman strikes first but is met with a ferocious right cross and almost goes down for a catnap! She rallies and realizes she must get Paradise's power belt off of her to level the playing field. She quickly pulls out her Pussy Whip and zaps the unsuspecting Arkham Amazon...sending her crumpling onto the couch. PussyWoman pounces and removes the power belt from the stunned superheroine's slender waist. She taunts the helpless heroine and rubs her star spangled ass and silky tights covered legs.

Now powerless to resist, Princess Paradise finds herself at the mercy of her black spandex clad nemesis. PussyWoman orders Paradise to worship her pretty pantyhose encased soles and toes. The Princess reluctantly obeys her Mistress...hoping to regain the upper hand. She licks, kisses and sucks on the villainess's feet, which somehow has an intoxicating effect on the weakened princess.

Soon PussyWoman has Paradise under the spell of her catnip and leads the red haired vixen to her sleeping quarters to have her way with her. She commands her slave to lay on the bed...and quickly de-boots her and worships her feet. PussyWoman slips out of her tight, shiny unitard and commands the mesmerized heroine to begin worshiping her pussy. Princess Paradise must obey and tears open the crotch of PussyWoman's black seamless tights...and begins lapping away at her new mistresses' wet slit. PussyWoman is lost in a sea of lust as she has a puuuurrrfect orgasm at the hands of Paradise's talented tongue and probing fingers. But PussyWoman isnt finished having her fun with her new play toy. She zaps her obedient muse once again and sends Paradise off to dreamland.

Paradise awakes and now finds herself ball gagged & cuffed to the bed...as PussyWoman enters wearing an ominous pink strap on dildo atop her black spandex catsuit! She crawls on top of the bewildered amazon...and pulls off her star spangled trunks....and soon has the crotch ripped open of Paradise's ultra-shiny hose. She wastes no time and begins lapping away on the super snatch...pawing at her new toy's perfect breasts and vulnerable pussy. She brings Princess Paradise to the brink of climax several times...but is saving the best for last.

She moistens the tip of her strap-on with Paradise's own juices and plunges the thick dildo deep inside her slave...thrusting her spandex clad hips in and out as Paradise moans in ecstacy through her ball gag. PussyWoman fucks the living daylights out of Paradise until the princess can take no more and has a full body convulsion orgasm, leaving her screaming and spent.

PussyWoman taunts her latest conquest as she slinks off into night...leaving the anxious amazon chained up...and wondering what evil plan PussyWoman has in store for her next!


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